Eli Chang

Dollum is built on legends and tales of the past. The stories told are mighty and in favor of this country, making Dollum’s people prideful and proud of their achievements. As the tale goes, one single man led Dollum to be what it is today, keeping it as a monarchy for a long time. But  after the disastrous age of death, the country was reminded of their gods and became extremely religious,  even changing the government system to  theocracy.  Dollum has a common goal; to carry out the will of their gods and to be closer and better understand them. Dollum is located on a plain surrounded by mountains; its back faces the ocean. It is well developed and much greater than its neighbors.  However, Dollum has a dark history … when clues of the truth and its history are pieced together, it reveals that this country is built on lies upon lies on top of lies …