year unknown

Gabrielle Medina

Eumycota is a commune based in California that so happens
to take place in an alternative future. In this future, the super virus named Covid-19 ended up becoming the catalyst
to a worldwide pandemic that led to war, and many other bad decisions led by world leaders at the time.

Eumycota takes place years later, after the many disasters had left the world disconnected with only  small populations and even fewer resources. Although not an extreme amount of time has passed, many people cannot recall what year, date, or day they are currently in.

Just like the commune itself, the people of Eumycota (also known as the Indigo Children)  are entering a new era led
by the young.  Their priority is to not follow the same
path as their predecessors but to learn from it. Empathy, Equity, Equality is their  commune’s motto. With a strong sense of community, creativity, and connectivity with nature, the people of Eumycota take pride in reclaiming “waste” from the old world and using it to make something completely new. For example, an abandoned mall was turned into a communal housing complex.

They embrace the mysterious and mystical elements of life with their spirituality rooted in a mushroom named ‘ La Estrellita’. This  magical fungi likes to form clusters, its small, and comes in different shades of purple with patterns on the cap that resemble stars.  The clusters are only found in Eumycota and have overtaken parts of the mall/ commune. Not only does this mushroom have some psychedelic qualities, but it can heal anyone from the deadly virus when consumed within 24 hrs.

Some believe the fungi to be a second chance at life, while others claim it is a direct pathway of communication with Mother Nature. With their unique spiritual beliefs, the Indigo Children have also developed unique customs and culture.  Their culture is heavily influenced by their magical mushroom, nature, the past, and a heavy emphasis on art. Eumycota’s current goals are to grow from a commune to a capital, to rebuild California as a whole, and to extend their communication  with other communities/nations.