Hidden River Village

1600s Edo Period

Jo Pinsky

Hidden River Village is small village located in a cove on the east coast of Japan. The people of the village fled their homes at the end of the Heian period/beginning of Muromachi period because of war. The people of the village all live as equals, equally valuing food production as well as fine arts. Because of this, despite not using or relying on currency, the people of the hidden river live rich lives. The land they live on is rich in natural resources and rich in spiritual energy. When the people first arrived to the cove, the people and spirits of the land lived together harmoniously, very much involved in each other's lives. The spirits of the land have not met humans before because they're land is typically unreachable by humans as it is surrounded by treacherous mountains and hazardous seas. So after around 100 years the spirits went back to their own business, communicating with humans through gestures of the land.