Joseph Bello

Eld is a country but it is a country within a realm; one realm of many that surround Meztaje. Meztaje is an old world that holds the other realms near it and Eld is located pretty close to Meztaje. Eld used to be a very prosperous realm, full of greenery, having a lot of Eldinians (the people of this place), and advanced technology. But Eld is now in ruin after the loss of a long and terrible war. Eld used to have a super weapon, The Seed of Jotocan. It was used in the Great War of the Realms, a Holy blade created of the tree that holds all of creation, the World Tree. But The Seed of Jotocan was taken from Eld by a higher power and without it, plus the unification of other realms against Eld, they soon lost the war.

Eldinians retreated back into their realm and eventually sued for peace. After a while, out of shame for the loss they suffered, Eldinians tried to erase their history. No longer the powerhouse they used to be, they kept to themselves. Thats until The Bodily Cybernetic Implantation organization, located in Meztaje, entered the realm to find subjects for their experiments. They used the remains of old Eldinians to create a legion of undead cyborgs. One old Eldinian cyborg, Ren, returns to his home realm to find the violation upon his home and realizes he is one of the few left of his species. Determined to save his home, he quest for the long lost Seed of Jotocan, even though the blade has been hidden by higher powers.