Caitlyn Britton

The Mitochondria story starts with the goddess named Mitochondria, who was created during a thunderstorm. When a bolt of lightning struck a puddle of mud a life form started to emerge! Her hair was made of broken tree branches, her brown eyes from fallen acorns, and her skin from the mud. She created her world; animals, food, light and everything else. She also decided to create humans. And descended into heaven, to watch the world she created. However, she watched as black women were treated horribly; for example, black women’s male counterparts often used them for their “black girl magic.”

But in spite of that, the women noticed the underground passageways and realized that was their way to escape! Shirley Chisholm and Angela Davis lead the charge. Black women began to use their 4-C hair to their advantage; they’d use braids to signal if the passageway was clear or if there was something blocking their way out. They’d also used something called a “divination bag,” which is a sacred bag used to tell the future. They’d put their handmade beads in the bag and throw them in the passageways, to determine their next route! After the revolt, they won the war! They created their own country and land, and Mitochondria was born.