Sayuri Bronstein

In a parallel version of Earth, their version of Southern California is a land called Topangeles. Topangeles shares the same mountain geography and major city structure of Los Angeles. In the late 2020’s, WW3 was in full force. But the war ended quickly when the city in Downtown Topangeles was destroyed, along with other major US cities, by nuclear warfare. The Government disbanded, all states lost contact with each other and the outside world. The few survivors of Topangeles were forced to go to the mountains and canyons,
a safe haven in nature away from the radiation and destruction. After three generations of healing and learning to trust in communities again, Topangeles formed again in 2110. It was small intimate communities, but they were determined to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Capitalism and over-developing lands already once caused the downfall of society, so now the people of Topangeles are dedicated to working with the land. Their society is built on reintroducing native plants for agriculture, harvesting invasive plants, foraging for supplies in the ruins, only making biodegradable products, crafting for bartering, using herbal remedies, creating personal connections with nature, and learning practical survival skills. Although it is a demanding and dangerous life, it is extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and brings much more joy than working a 9-5 ever could.